Get your Foodroots App form appstores or download directly:

And this is how Foodroots App works:

Set up your personal account. Afterwards you will see your personal Carbonscore screen showing virtually how much impact your decision to buy carbon positive food has on the environment.

Choose your pickup point and time where/when it is convenient for you to collect what you will buy in the app.

Buy climate positiv food. You can filter categories by clicking on the tiles on top of the screen.

Pay directly inside the app or later directly when you meet your farmer (on-site payment not applicable at smart pickup points)

Get informed about the state of your order. We will also send push notifications to get you up-to-date.

Use your pickup code to get your order once it is deliviered. The QR-code will magically open the door on smart pickup points like the permafridge.

The Foodroots App and its smart Partner - the Permafridge:

The Permafridge solves a problem you often have when trying to buy something from your nearby farm: Bad timing between farmer and you - When the farmer is able to deliver, you are still working...

Our partner company permarobotics had a clever idea: The permafridge will keep your buying for you until you have time to pick it up once it was delivered by the farmer. You can use the QR pickup code on your Foodroots app to collect your items.

The farmer will get you informed using push notifications on your smartphone as soon as he was able to deliver it!

The only 'downside': You cannot pay cash but must pay online in the app before.